Monta started with a tattoo and a bible...

that geometric symbol in the o? it was originally a small design project i was working, representing self-actualization. i was seeking out spirituality when i made it. i would draw it on my right ankle daily, clinging to the promise of a higher purpose. knowing my plan better than i did, god slowly revealed himself through those lines over the months that followed. 


during summer 2016, As a springhill camps counselor, i finally found a real sense of faith in the fireside conversations under the stars, daily worship, and spontaneous road trips. I was so in love with life, so in love with god for bringing me these moments. baptized on canoe beach. by the end of that summer, those shapes drawn on my foot every day were all about jesus.


two weeks after my baptism at canoe beach, i got that tattoo on my birthday. on my ankle (and now my wrist), there's a permanent reminder of his love and his plan. fast forward 3 weeks and i needed that reminder more than ever. i sustained an injury while trail-running that still hasn't healed as of may 2017. where was god?


He was still there, in the trees, in the stars, in my precious camp memories. i wanted to celebrate it, remember it, tell those stories. i decided that i was going to do that in my favorite language: scent. my experience hiking down camelback mountain at sunset was turned into a bright citrus. my canoe beach baptism was turned into a warm, comforting scent. at the heart of monta, is jesus. it was fitting that the tattoo, a testament to his beauty in nature and his constant love, would be a part of the brand. jesus is the reason for this brand.