I'm not one to take a moment during physical activity and thank the heavens for it. At least, I wasn't. But today, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude...over a game of frisbee.

Today was another beautiful day. To a friend, I requested we play frisbee at lunch. Just recently, I finally earned the ability to properly catch and throw one. 

After 30 minutes of chasing a flying disc, I was bright red, dripping in sweat, and joyous.

Then, around 5:30, it hit me. 

I can walk! I can run! I can jump! I can catch a freaking flying disc in the air!!

I've taken the simplest things for granted. I have so many gifts that I experience thoughtlessly. When I open my eyes, I can my life for truly what it is: beautiful and bountifully gifted. 


Gabrielle de Coster